Things I love Thursday -Swivel Sweeper

First, I have to give some love to my neighbors who gave us the swivel sweeper in the first place. I would never have bought this on my own. Why would you need a battery powered thing, when a regular broom does the same thing. Well thanks to wonderfully generous neighbors, and a buy one get one free sale on QVC, we got a free swivel sweeper. And I love it!
It has an easy on/off switch, it picks up all sorts of crumbs (especially cheerios or dog food), and it reaches under our table. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and an easy to empty collection bin underneath.
But really, I am saving the best feature for last. My two year old can use it by himself! I am so proud of him. Especially since most of the under the table messes come from his end of the table. He eagerly turns the sweeper on and will clean the whole kitchen floor.
Aaahhhhh....This is why we had kids, wasn't it? To teach them how to do all the work around here.
Well maybe not ALL the work.
But when it comes to money, this is what I want them to learn:
1. Everyone contributes big or small, financially or physically
2. Basic skills so that they can eventually work for a living or
2b. Not have to hire someone to do these basic skills
3. Being aware that eventually someone has to clean up that mess
4. Sometimes a cool tool turns a chore into a game (this makes me want to sing like Mary Poppins)
What are some of your favorite cool tools?

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  1. Never heard of it, but it sounds neat. Thanks for sharing & he's a cutie!