Things I Love Thursday - Flylady or our morning routine

Now if we are going to talk about teaching money to kids, I have to give credit to Flyladyhttp://www.flylady.net/. I have found so many daily, weekly, and monthly tips from this site.
Each month has a different habit to work on, and each week has a different zone to clean in. I am sure that I will share more tips from Fly lady in the future, but today I want to share how creating our routine helps me teach my kids about money.
This chart is our before bed routine, on the flip side is our morning routine. These are not chores. Our kids do not get an allowance based on whether or not they are completed. This is just their checklist of what they need to do in order to be ready for the day or the night.
Having this checklist has streamlined our mornings and evenings. Babysitters can easily see what to expect, and with the little pictures, even my non-readers know what to do.
So this is what they are learning:
1. Independence. They can see for themselves what needs to be done next
2. Responsibility. Everybody has a job to do.
3. Work before play. Play is so much more fun this way
4. Being prepared. Being ready for the day opens up so many possibilities for spontaneous fun
5. Being organized. Having a plan for your time, means not wasting it.
6. Following directions. Success in school and in the work place is often directly related to whether or not a person can follow directions
I know it would be fun to stay in our jammies all day, but I also know how many opportunities we would miss out on. We wouldn't be able to just cart off to a last minute notice dog show at the library if we had 3 kids to dress, brush hair, or teeth, and nobodies had breakfast.
So thank you Flylady for giving us more fun in our day.

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