Things I Love Thursday - Sandwich Boxes

My Tupperware Sandwich Boxes
We brought our lunches this morning to our local kids museum. After a full morning of playing, we took our group to the lunch room. I love that my husband works so close that he can join us for trips like this. He eats lunch with us everyday, but it seems somehow more special when he can meet us for lunch. Plus, I know he loves any excuse to ride his motorcycle.
While the other mommies were passing out sandwiches, and baggies of fruit and other goodies, I was able to just hand my kids their sandwich boxes and sit down to enjoy my own lunch.

There are so many reasons why I love these sandwich boxes, that I am going to incorporate the Thursday 13.
1. They were free. I usually have a Tupperware party each fall, just in time for holiday shopping. As a host, I often earn many free products, like these great boxes.
2. They are reusable. I love that I can just stick them in the dishwasher, and they are ready for the next trip out.
3. They double as plates. When we eat at a park or in the car, we don't have to worry about dirty tables, or messy laps.
4. Our food is not squished. When we are out, our lunches are often stuffed in a backpack. With our boxes, we can even get through airport security with sandwiches in tact.
5. They hold so much. I can fit a whole sandwich (cut in half and stacked), string cheese, and fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, or apple slices. I can even put an apple sauce pack or baby food in with the sandwich.
6. I don't have to keep buying them. I don't have to clip coupons or look for sales on zip lock baggies, because I rarely need them. I feel that they have actually saved me money.
7. They are compact. I can still fit this box in a regular lunch bag, or tuck it into a diaper bag without taking up too much space.
8. I don't throw it away. I like that I am reducing our waste by using something that is convenient.
9. It has a Lifetime Warranty. I don't want to sound like a Tupperware commercial, but a great benefit to all their products is their easy replacement policy. This adds value to an already great purchase.
10. They are already personalized. I don't have to keep track of which sandwich is which. Everybody has their own box.
11. They are good for all ages. I like that my one year old can use it as well as my husband. I dislike, having to get rid of perfectly good baby stuff, because it no longer serves our purposes. These are versatile for all ages.
12. These work for more than just sandwiches. I have taken all sorts of food packed in these boxes, salads, pastas, chips, etc.
13. I don't have to hunt for a lid. The lid is attached, and allows you to spread out while eating.
But, more than anything, I like what I can teach my kids about money. They learn that buying quality products is like an investment. It is better financially, and environmentally, to not just buy things and then throw them away. The more we reduce and reuse, the more we save, both our planet and our money.
What do you like to use over and over?
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  1. These look great. We use way too many bags around here. I love how much they fit.

  2. I've been thinking about getting some of these, and I believe you just sold me! :)