Rich People Will Always Have Cooler Stuff

Its the whole point of Being Rich!

This is why socialism or communism will never work. There will always be someone out there who is willing to work harder, longer or smarter, so that they can have the cool stuff. I don't care if you are trading in Dollars, Yen, or sea shells. Someone is going to be luckier and find more food, or be more desperate and cut a better deal.

Imagine the good ol' days. You know, when everyone lived in caves. That is where it all started. We were all equal then. No trust funds, no stock options passed down from daddy. It was Hunt and Gather, each man for himself.But you know how it goes: one cave man gets bigger than the others, another develops a taste for moose instead of rabbit, and another can run faster than anyone.

This develops into needs, and skills that may determine the future of our earth.The bigger caveman requires more food, so he looks to the man who is faster and they make a trade. The man who likes moose, may be able to catch rabbit, but he needs help to catch a moose. The faster caveman can get whatever he wants, because he can trade for it. But one of these cavemen is going to start having cooler stuff. He might start trading for pretty rocks instead of food. He is going to have a bigger collection of animal skins to wear.

And that is how capitalism works.We work for what we get because we get what we work for. But this is also why national health care, public schools, social security and every other government program is not going to work. Because even though the other guy may be richer, everyone else still wants the cool stuff.

And there will always be cooler stuff. You have seen the gold leaf bathrooms, the pimped out jets, and the personal islands. Are these "needs"? It is a statement. I can have it and you can't.

But then someone invented government. And together they came up with a Mission Statement: That's Not Fair! If you ever hear anyone making this statement run, run far far away.

Of course its not fair. It will never be fair.Was it fair that one caveman could run faster, or another was bigger? No, or Yes.Public Schools are great, but they don't score as high as private schools, so we need to make our schools better. We have social security, but when it is time to retire, are we going to be able to buy the condo in Florida on the golf course? We have health care, and we even have access to amazing advances in technology. But there are new and even more expensive treatments, and we want those, too.

We all want the Cool Stuff.Unfortunately, if everyone had it, it wouldn't be cool anymore. Owning a car used to be only for the rich, but now anyone can have one and expects to have one.It almost makes you dream of the glory days, when we were all living in caves. but then you might want my cave because it is closer to the creek. Or I might want your cave because it has more space. So we could trade. I will give you my cave if you give me yours, but I also want those extra furs to go with it...

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