This post was the first of the month call to offering for the Niles Westside church.

I love strawberries. No, I mean, I LOVE strawberries. We have this great patch in our backyard that we can pick from. This time of year is my favorite, because we can pick bowls and bowls of strawberries. Did I mention that I love strawberries?
I love to eat them fresh, just bite them right off the stem. Or sliced up on a bowl of vanilla ice cream. And they are so good dipped in chocolate, or cool whip or with vanilla pudding. They are great in green salads or fruit salads. I love to put them on top of waffles or pancakes or French toast, or even just cheerios. I cannot get enough strawberries.
Even though we get so many from our little patch, I still go and pick more. That way I can make strawberry jam or we can freeze them to put in smoothies for the rest of the year.
And still it is not enough strawberries. When I see strawberries on sale at the market, I cannot resist them. Because wouldn’t it be great to have strawberry shortcake or strawberry pie? So I buy even more strawberries. Because I cannot get enough.

Which is why I have set aside these strawberries. If I waited until I had enough strawberries, I would never be willing to let go of them. So I have brought my first fruits, as a thank you for the way that God has provided for our family. I am able to give these away, not because they are extra and I have enough already. I am giving these because it was God that gave them to me in the first place.
So as you prepare to give your offerings, don’t worry about whether or not you will have enough, God has promised to provide. And all He asks is that you bring your first fruits or offerings.

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