Book of the Week - Pigs Will Be Pigs

This weeks book selection Pigs Will Be Pigs is written by Amy Axelrod. This book can be found at any major book store or library.
Quick Synopsis
The Pig family want to go out to eat, but they have no money. So they go running around the house looking for loose change or bills. When they find enough, they take it to their favorite restaurant. The book even includes a menu, so you can help the pigs decide what to eat.
Using this book with Kids
This book seems to have been written with teaching money to kids in mind. Each pig calls out which coins or bills that they find, so that you can do the calculations on your own. The included menu gives you so many choices, that you could role play many options for the pigs. At the end of the story their are even application questions to help you figure out how much money the pigs would have left over.
I found it useful to have real, or play money with you while reading the story, so that you could have a visual way of keeping track of each pigs money, and the final tally.
This is an excellent story for practicing money counting.
You could also talk other issues of money, like having a menu and grocery list so that they wouldn't have to run out to a restaurant in the first place, but that may just be a side note.
Do you have other ideas on how you may have talked money to your kids using this book?
Please share your experience
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