Feeling Rich #10 Giving Tithe

Technically speaking, tithing is giving 10 percent of earnings.

Whether you believe you were created, or think that you out smarted your past monkey relatives, it is impossible to believe that you could have done it on your own.

Tithing demonstrates an acceptance of life. By only using 90% of what you earn, your are signaling that you are happy with what you have, and therefore do not need to scrounge for every last penny.

Tithing Creates a feeling of thankfulness Giving away a regular percent of your income, makes you appreciate the things that you already have.

Tithing Makes You Generous If you can give away money that you have earned, how much more freely could you give away things that are extra in your life.

Tithing opens Awareness When you are purposefully giving 10% of your income, you are more likely to be mindful of the other 90% of your paycheck.

Tithing makes you Rich If you are willing to voluntarily give up 10% of your income, you have moved from living hand to mouth, to living wealthy. Regardless of what you earn.

Tithing Makes you Feel Better People who give have a more positive outlook in life. A positive outlook will encourage smiling, which is good for your health.

These are all things that I want my kids to learn about money, what about you?

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