Food Revolution part IV - Confession Time

This is part of a series about how money and its effcts on our food or choices. You can start here, or from the Beginning, Part II, or Part III.

So I realize that I sound like someone who has always enjoyed eating good food, and its is just a matter of teaching my kids healthy, yet frugal eating habits. This is so not the case. I have been on a journey of my own, mostly begun by my desire to have kids that make good food choices.
This is where I have come from:

  • I am not eating that. I don't care if you bought it with your own money, fixed and prepared it on your own time. I am not going to eat it.
  • Okay, I will try a bite as long as it doesn't have: zucchini, or any other squash, tofu, onions, cooked greens, bell peppers, or, of course, meat.
  • Sure I'll try it, just don't tell me what is in it.
  • Really? It's good for you? Are you sure? (Minimum 3 different sources)
  • If you make it, I will eat it, but I will not pay good money for it.
  • I will buy it, but I won't make it from scratch, it is too much work.
  • I don't think we can afford to buy that kind of food anymore.
  • Okay, okay, I will experiment with some cooking from scratch, after all it is way cheaper.
  • Here try this, it is so good for you and easy to make.

The funny thing is that this is the process that I require for each food. Though with every food it does get a bit easier.

My current hang up is home made bread. My mother in law has been making us bread occasionally for years. It was very good for you. The first couple years we gave it away to other people, because neither my husband nor I would eat it. Then we started using it when making meatloaf or other such recipes. Then we started giving it to our kids. Recently we discovered that it was pretty good toasted with lots of butter. It wasn't until this last month that I was honestly thankful when she gave us a loaf. I just need to practice slicing it.

That saying "best thing since sliced bread" is too true. I will not consider homemade bread conquered until I can buy the ingredients, knead the dough, bake the bread and slice it ALL BY MYSELF.

I'm giving myself at least a year on this one, maybe more.

I'm also hoping that eventually I will teach my kids that paying for sliced bread is silly, when you can do it yourself. Some day...

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  1. What a great post!It actually reminds me a lot of myself. My husband was on board for home made long before me. I was dragged along a bit unwillingly most times! lol.

    http://beautifulcalling.ca/2009/08/our-daily-bread-simple-white.html was the first bread I every baked myself. Give it a try :)I felt very proud of my loaf LOL