Our Food Revolution

Now I know that this blog is technically about money, and not food, but so many of our choices are motivated by money, that I wanted to share our food journey with you.
I am embarrassed to admit how far we have come on this journey. I cringe when I think about being awake at 2AM with my two year old daughter trying to get her to eat fishy crackers.
I want to blame this one on the doctors. The ones that looked at a perfectly healthy little girl that had been on the 5th percentile since the moment she entered this world, and they decided that she needed to gain weight. I say they, because due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to switch doctors a couple times. I am also ashamed to admit that I switched doctors for totally selfish reasons, driving distance and our doctor moving away, rather than good reasons, like maybe I should get a second opinion. Anyway, THEY kept saying she needs to gain weight, you will need to bring her back here for a weight check, maybe you should increase her fat intake. And on and on. It's enough to make any new mom worry. And I did.
Money was not our motivation, getting our daughter's weight up was. Looking back now, I can see that her health, or teaching her good habits must not have been very high on our list. We just gave her whatever she would eat, whenever she would eat. If she refused to eat, we would search the cupboard to find something, anything, to get her to eat.
Let me just say, that we created a monster. Luckily, she is a good girl, and we didn't have the screaming tantrums that we were asking for. But we were able to manage teaching her how to be a picky eater. All she wanted was juice, fishy crackers, or yogurt.
It is exciting to see how far we have come. Now my kids aren't quite to the point of independently choosing the healthiest option, but at least we are headed in the right direction. I am also more aware of how our food and eating choices teaches my kids about money, and health, and finding a balance between them.
I will share more of our journey in a future post. In the mean time, I would love to hear your stories of things you cannot believe you have let your kids eat.

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