TILT- Investments that pay Dividends, a.k.a. Perenials

I love Perennials.

1. I love that I never have to plant them again.

2. I love that they come back every year.

3. I love that they multiply on their own.

4. I love that somebody else planted the peonies years before we even bought the house, and yet we still have beautiful flowers every year.

5. I love that we have so many flowers that I can have fresh ones for the whole season.

6. I love that I can cut them and give them away.

7. I love that I can dig them up and split them to share with someone else.

8. I love that I can also sell them.

9. I love that I got them free from a friend.

10. I love that investments can be beautiful.

11. I love that perennials are a tangible investment, that I won't lose if CEOs get greedy.

12. I love that my raspberry and strawberry investments are also good for me, and not just my pocketbook.

13. I love that I can teach my kids about investments with something that they can see, touch, and taste.

These are the thirteen things that I love about perennial fruits and flowers. They are an excellent source for teaching kids about money, and that's what we do here.

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  1. My whole garden was thankfully perinneals when we moved here cause I have a black thumb!! It is so nice to have beautiful flowers every year without any effort.

  2. We had NO flowers (or landscaping) when we moved here three years ago... and still don't. :( I really need to get on that! Do you know what perennials would do best on the west side of the house? We live in Kansas and have extreme temps!

  3. Amy- When you asked about perennials for the westside, I assume it is because that gets the most direct sun, right. You would totally love day lillies. We have some dark orange ones, and they are so hardy. I have moved them all over the yeard, and they still seem to survive and multiply. Their greenery stays green even through the driest of the summer, and we are in Michigan, so you know we get the snow, too. They are blooming right now in our zone, which means that they will be ready to dig up in about a week.
    These flowers are so easy to dig up and divide. If you see some in somebody's yard you could totally ask for them, or if you don’t know anybody, I could send you some. I have my eye on some dark red ones and yellow ones at a friends house, so we are going to do a swap.
    For ground cover, I would recommend strawberries. They love the sun, but you have to be able to contain them, or they can grow like weeds.
    Irises also would do good with lots of sun, They do good mixed in with the day lillies, because they bloom a couple weeks earlier, so you could have regular flowers all summer.
    Ooh, and if you put some gladiolas in with it, they usually bloom later in the summer, and they could all just get planted mixed in with each other. That could be really pretty, and super low maintenance. When they fill in, you wouldn’t have to weed much, and and we have ours in a super dry place and a semi-dry.
    wow, I should have just written a whole post about this. I didn’t realize I was going to go on like this.