Feeling Rich #8 Go Ahead and Buy the Pass

Buying Membership passes are a win-win for everybody. Despite their great value, I know that membership passes are a luxury that many cannot afford.
This is exactly why a museum/garden/center pass is at the top of our Christmas (or birthday) list!
This is such a great idea for grandma and grandpa, because:

  • they know that we will use it,

  • we won't just put it in a yard sale (or the trash) later,

  • when they come to visit they have something to do together, and

  • they have ideas of what to talk about on the phone to keep everyone feeling connected.

Now some may not have the same generous family that we do, and there have been some years that we made the decision that it was worth it to say no to some extras, so that we could save up for the pass. Here are some reasons why:

There is nothing more fun than cheap entertainment Most memberships can be paid for within three visits. So, the more you go, the more you have saved.

Getting your moneys worth By owning a pass, you may be more likely to go often. Since you have already paid to go, you can drop in for little trips, rather than trying to make a whole exhausting day of it.

Support Your Community Your membership does more than just get you in the door. It also supports the museum /garden/center that is a valuable part of your community.

Many centers do more than just entertain its patrons. They are often resources for schools, scouts, retirees, and more.

Your membership dollars at work When you purchase a membership, you help the center budget for the year. It can count on a certain number of dollars for the year or season, and can invest in new programs based on its guaranteed memberships.

Also, many museums or centers can apply for certain grant monies if they reach a regular level of community memberships.

It will make you smarter Regardless of the size of the museum or center that you go to, the more often you go, the more you will learn. You will find something new each time you go. Besides, what else are you going to do, watch TV?

Make new friends When you go to a museum often, you will discover the joys of making museums friends. Those people that you see almost every time you go.

Save Money Besides the discount on the visit itself, many memberships also include a percentage off gift shop or concession purchases.

Membership has its privileges By joining one museum, you may be joining a reciprocating list of museum/gardens across the country. Your paid pass will get you in for free or at a reduced price to other places when you travel.

Put your money where your heart is By purchasing a pass to an aquarium, zoo, garden, etc. you are telling them that you support their mission. You are becoming a part of the process that may save endangered species, the rain forest, or the arts.

We are also teaching our kids that there is value in knowledge. Money isn't just for getting more and more stuff. Money can also be used to learn, do or see new things.

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  1. Thanks for your comment about the bib! I wish I knew more how to wash, I usually just run mine under the faucet every night with hot soapy water and hang it to dry. You actually taught me something... that it can go in the wash!! Thanks :o)

  2. Yay! Even cheaper - put a membership on your birthday list (and it doesn't cause clutter). :)