Book of the Week - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Kids of all ages will love this book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett. You can find this book at any major bookstore, or check it out from your local library. This book was also featured in the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories campaign to give every child a book of their own, and came free in the cereal box.

Quick Synopsis

The small town of Chewandswallow doesn't have grocery stores or gardens. They get all of their food from the weather. They don't know what will be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner until the weather man gives his forecast.

Wild things start to happen in the town when the weather starts bringing wacky food, and the townspeople have to escape for their lives!

How to Teach Money to Kids With this Book

Usually teachers turn to this book when they are teaching a lesson on weather, but I think they are overlooking a great resource when it comes to teaching kids about money and food sources. Now, of course, this is a silly book about where we our food comes from. But it is the perfect book for starting the discussion.

Just as silly as it is to think of our food falling from the sky in a hurricane, so is assuming that our milk only comes from a carton, or even that pineapples grow nearby. This may lead to some fun exploring with your kids to find out where some of their favorite foods come from.

Knowing where your food comes from is an early step in the journey of making good choices about food and money. Discovering that the ingredients for favorite meals, like macaroni and cheese for example, have traveled many miles, from several different places may help kids see how it could be cheaper to make your own.

Cutting grocery costs is one of the most popular ways of trying to save money when families are trying to get (or stay) out of debt. It is also the area most visible to kids. They see the choices that you are making, and having them be part of the discussion, teaches them about money.

Which is what we are all about here.

Sony pictures has made a movie about this book, liberally interpreted it looks like from the trailer, but still a lot of fun. You can check it out here:


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  1. I've heard lots of good things about this book! You're totally right to turn it into a lesson about money. One of the earliest money lessons I remember my mom giving us was in the grocery store, showing us the prices and how even $.10 an item can add up to dollars off your total bill. :)