Food Revolution Part III - Changing bad Habits

When we were first married, my hubby and I could easily spend $150 on groceries every week for just the two of us. I have no idea what we used to buy, but we shopped every week. When we found out we were expanding our family, we knew there were some serious budget issues we needed to work out.
#1 we needed one
#2 making a grocery list really helped us follow said budget
Its funny to think how simple those two steps were in helping us save money. Just telling ourselves that we needed to limit how much we bought, actually helped us limit how much we bought. Amazing!
I think most of our original grocery bill was spent on money that we just threw away. Sour cream that expired before we used it, leftovers that never made it back to the table. I used to think I was a frugal shopper, too. When there was a sale on stuff, we would stock up. but then it would turn out that we didn't really prefer that brand, and then we would have to find somebody to give it to.
Now we have 3 kids and since we have started using cloth diapers (we used to include diapers as a grocery item, since we bought them at the same time) , we can easily spend about $80 a week on groceries. We more than doubled our family size and yet halved our grocery expenses.
But it didn't happen over night.
Now, I think it is fun to watch my daughter make her own "grocery list" before we leave for the market. I am so glad that I have taught her this food and money habit before she got married and had kids of her own and had to learn it the hard way.

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