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Hooray, we have arrived in California after a 5 day road trip. And let me say how nice it is to sleep in a good bed with a good pillow, and no more fast food! Well, we are still on vacation, staying at my folks until after "The Wedding", so eating out will be on the menu for the next couple of weeks.

Being Vegetarians, I feel like our fast food options are limited anyway. I packed PB & J, and even some cup of noodle soups, so that we could picnic at the various parks along the way. MickyD's has the most playlands, but they have zero veggie options. So we were all excited to find a Panda Express when we hit Sparks, Nevada last night.

My kids LOVE Asian food. And Panda Express has some decent vegetarian options. Fired Rice, Chow Mein and steamed veggies. Although I admit that my kids decided that the steamed broccoli was a "brave" food, and that they were only eating it because they were brave. Then I saw the string beans. They were really part of a string bean chicken dish, but I knew that Big G would go crazy over them. So I asked.

That's right I just asked the lady behind the counter if we could have some of the string beans with our steamed vegetables. She said, "Without the Chicken?"

I said, "Yes."

And she says, "How's that?" and places a nice scoop of steamed string beans on my plate, no charge.

So I said, "Thank you, that's perfect." Which made her smile, like I had given her the best compliment of the day.

I know that businesses are reasonable, and they want to make customers happy. What I requested was totally a favor, they could have said no, or they could have charged me. I hope that my kids learn that satisfying customers is a good business model. It only cost them an extra sale of $1.25, but I will definitely go back, and even recommend it.

More importantly, I want my kids to learn to just ask. It is worth the money to find a compromise. Don't be shy, or demanding.

This is advise that can be applied in so many situations. And it's a good habit to get into, if you want to save the big money.

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