Food Revolution Part II

It didn't take us long to figure out that a diet of Juice, yogurt and fishy crackers was not healthy for a growing little girl. She was growing out of baby food, but was not exactly gobbling up vegetables from the table.
Baby food has such a limited selection of vegetables anyway, and here comes another confession, we didn't really eat many vegetables ourselves. As Mommy and Daddy we were setting a terrible example, unless, of course, you count peas as a vegetable, and don't forget tomato sauce on pasta and pizza.
I didn't even bother making vegetables, or other healthy options, because I was sure nobody would eat it. So why waste the food, the time, the energy, and of course, the money? Instead, I found the most delicious juice ever invented: V8 fusion. This amazing juice tastes so good, and it is good for you because it has a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every glass. Do I sound like commercial? I probably was, because after I discovered this new juice, I told everyone I knew how great it was, "We don't worry about Miss Love eating vegetables, she drinks V8 fusion, so she gets all the vegetables she needs." I can't believe I actually said that out loud to other people.

There was one major catch, okay several: V8 Fusion is expensive. It is also so filling that she started eating even less actual food. It is also, so sweet that it doesn't resemble many of the fruits and vegetables that are inside.

What were we teaching our daughter about nutrition and money:
1. The quickest way is best.
2. Solutions can be bought.
3. Don't waste money on teaching good habits


  1. Wow. I'm a little behind you in this phase but boy am I glad to read this. I'm seeing her pediatrician today for her 9mo. checkup and was already defensively prepared to stand my ground about baby food and how disinterested she is in it already. But you're right. Where else is she getting those nutrients and essential vitamins? She's too young to live on a diet of chicken nuggets and puffs. Hahaha. Good post! Thanks!

  2. Hey sometimes it helps to know that you aren't alone.