We Have Arrived...

Minivan? Check

3 kids? Check

Dog? Check

Soccer player? Yes, we know have that one, too. It seems I have arrived. I am officially "A Soccer Mom."

I know this puts me into a whole new category. I am just not quite sure what to expect, now that we are here.

Here are some things I did not expect:
  • I did not expect to be so proud of my kid just standing on the field.
  • I did not expect that I would ever bribe my kid to kick the ball.
  • I did not expect to be scandalized by the snacks the other soccer moms brought.

Apparently the apple slices and home made cookies that we brought were not as cool as the many variations on junk food that Miss Love ended up with after every other soccer game. How was I supposed to know that snacks had changed since I was a kid?

Nobody said anything, of course, and I was glad that we had been first to bring snacks. Who knows what I would have done if I had had a clue. Would I have given in to peer pressure? Would I have bought the expensive, yet cool snacks.

Am I prepared to teach my kids about money even when it means they won't have the cool snacks? Being a soccer mom is a hard job, but someone has got to do it.

And I will admit, I was inwardly ecstatic to see that for our final game we had Home made Cupcakes and all the kids cheered because "they have rainbow sprinkles!"

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  1. I have felt such pressure when it was our turn to bring the snack when my kids played t-ball. I ended up giving each child a brown bag with a banana and a small bag of cheez-its. But you know there's always that one mom who brings the kids twinkies and sugar-filled juice and all the kids go nuts for it!!

    BTW, I agree that it's perfectly acceptable to tell another child to stop hitting your child on the playground. That has happened to me a couple times and both times the kid's mom was nowhere nearby so I felt like I had to step in and re-direct the kid.