Looking For extra Money? - Selling on Ebay Part 1 - Is it Worth Your Time?

A common place for people to turn when looking for extra cash, selling on eBay could solve some cash flow problems. Now, you have to be of a certain age to sell on eBay, but this could be a great place for you to help your kids get some extra cash.

If you have not yet sold anything on eBay, but want to, here are some things to consider before you jump in:

Is it worth your time?

This is a big one, because it takes time. There are many steps to selling, that can make the whole process cumbersome:

A. Preparing your item for sale - washing, gathering, etc.

B. Taking good pictures - pictures are super important

C. Downloading pictures onto computer

D. Researching potential value of your item (really you should do this first)

E. Describing your item -check it over completely for ANY possible flaws

F. Listing Your item - decide starting value, shipping, payment options

G. Packing - over pack items especially breakables

H. Check messages often - good communication is crucial in keeping positive feedback

I. Shipping

Each of these steps may take only a few minutes, but all added up, you may decide that it is not worth your time. I personally don't like to list items that I don't think will sell for less than $10. I only have so many free moments in the day, that it seems a shame to spend them all on eBay.

However, if I have several lower dollar items that are similar, I can do many of the steps at the same time- taking pictures, down loading, researching, describing, etc. eBay makes it simple for you to use one listing as a template to sell other things, so this can make it a snap if you plan to sell many of the same things.


  1. It is amazing how much time it takes. Especially answering email quesitons about shipping! But there certainly is a broad market out there so it really can be a great resource for unneeded items!

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  3. Great tips! For someone who is technically challenged (me) learning to take and upload decent photos was SO time consuming at first...and writing a description was sometimes difficult too. But once you've done it a few (hundred) times it got easier :)

  4. Thanks for visiting!
    Man, I've spent I don't know how long perusing your blog! I love it! Of course, being a Ramsey fan myself probably helps. LOL! I think we're on the same page!
    Great tips on ebaying! This is something I've been considering lately to get rid of some stuff I don't use anymore.
    BTW, I LOVE finding stuff in my coat pockets too! Some stuff ends up staying for years like this toy strawberry from my teaching years. I would find it every time I took my class outside, but could never remember to put it away when we came in.

  5. Thanks for visiting. Wow, lucky kids to have so many shoes. I don't even have that. Have a great day.