Mary Poppins

My kids love Mary Poppins. They can sing you every song and quote you nearly every line. But there is this one part that is their favorite. Everybody is up on the roof top with the chimney sweeps covered in soot. Then the chimney sweeps start singing and dancing and doing these balancing tricks on the edges of the roofs. It doesn’t matter how many times they see this movie, these kids are still sitting on the edge of their seats, worried that one of them might fall.

I want to laugh at them for being so silly. They know how it ends, why would they still be worried? But then I think of some of the things that I worry about: where are we going to put another kid? How can we afford to send them all to school? The list could go on and on and on.

Looking at the beginning of the year it would be easy for me to sit at the edge of my seat too. But instead of thinking what is this year going to bring, I have to remind myself to look forward to whatever wonderful things God has planned for this year, and keep worshipping him with my tithes and offerings. When I trust in the one who knows how it ends, it is easier to sit back and enjoy the show.

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