Job vs. Chore - In the Living Room/ Family Room

Because the living room is usually a shared space with the whole family, much of the daily or weekly cleaning will fall in to the chore category instead of a job that you would pay for. If you are looking for more information on the difference between a job and chore click here.


  • vacuuming

  • dusting

  • picking up toys/books/clothes

  • straighten books/magazines


  • washing windows

  • cleaning spider webs

  • washing the floor (we have wood floors)

  • vacuuming couch

  • wiping fingerprints off walls/switches/pictures/stereos

  • vacuuming under furniture

  • cleaning bugs out of lights

Most of these jobs would only require attention once a month or less. Different rooms and different houses may have more to clean than ours does. But this should give you a place to start.

Tell me about who does these chores or jobs at your house.


  1. me! But like you, I'd like to get my kids more and more involved in running the house as they get older. Really like the book "What Every Child Should Know Along the Way" since it shares age appropriate tasks kids can be doing. I think it's great to slow down as moms and let our kids help us in doing these tasks that they aren't quite able to do themselves so they have practice in doing them. I know for me personally, it is so much easier to just quickly clean myself because the kids tend to slow me down. But keeping my end goal in mind, I really should get them to participate more in the housework.

  2. And just remind your self that it will save you time in the long run. Once they get good at their chores or jobs, you will wonder how you did it before.
    Also, this is good on the job training for them, because cleaning houses is a serious money maker.