Why We Take Care of Other People's Stuff

Taking care of property or objects that belong to other people, goes beyond just "having good manners." Teaching kids to take care of things when they are young, may be the best way you can teach them about money, even before they can count change.

We take care of their things because we love them
And when you love some one, you love their things. YOU don't even have to know them. Just reminding them that Jesus knows them and loves them is enough of a reason.

We take care of their things because we aren't wasteful
Breaking things wastes time, money, and energy. Plus, it creates garbage. All of these things could be avoided if we were more careful.

We take care of their things because it is too expensive not to
Rarely do we include restitution into our budget. We tend to spend money on things that WE want, rather than replacing things that belong to someone else. Suddenly being responsible to fix a couch, because we let our darling children jump on it until it made that funny sound, may change how quickly you can take that trip to Disney World.

How you take care of other people's things is a direct result of your level of respect for them. Vandalism and defacing of property is never done to things people hold as precious. But carelessness should not be overlooked. Breaking something on accident, is still breaking something.
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