Things I Love - Giving Things Away Day 4

I love giving things away.
Which is probably the only thing I got from my grandma on my dad's side.
I love the feeling of having more than I need, and wanting other people to benefit.

Maybe I just don't want to feel the opposite.
I don't want to feel like I don't have enough. And that I need to hold onto everything I have, just in case.
My Grandma on my mom's side is kinda like that. She grew up during the Great Depression, so we give her a little slack.

But when I am teaching my kids about money, I don't want them to feel like scrooge. I don't want them to hoard their things and their money. I want them to feel rich. Like they have enough to share.

I want to be an example to my kids about the joys of giving things away, rather than emphasizing the joy of having stuff.

So I am having another Give Away as part of my 28 days of Give Aways. Today's prize is a pair of bath and shower gloves. Just slip these babies on, add some soap, and enjoy your shower. "These bath & shower gloves gently scrub your body squeaky clean. Enjoy a quick lather, plus the textured nylon helps stimulate circulation for healthier skin."

So, to enter this Give Away you just have to leave me a comment. Pretty easy. To get more entries, sign up to be a follower, and then leave another comment saying that you now follow (if you are already a follower you can get the bonus entry if you let me know).

This Give Away will be open Thursday, February 4 only. (Although really I am not going to check until sometime Friday so you have a bit of extra time). But if you miss this one come back, because there will be new Give Aways every day. Although truthfully some of the prizes are reserved for charities, and local places, like the library and Good will.

Tell me what you love, and then find out more at the Diaper Diaries Things I Love Thursday.


  1. I just love your quote:

    "I want to be an example to my kids about the joys of giving things away, rather than emphasizing the joy of having stuff."

    What a great goal! A legacy of giving! My mother was this way, even though we didn't have very much and us kids have naturally followed after. Now, that we are blessed financially, we look at our blessings as something to share, not scrooge up for ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. what a great lesson and goal for you to work for. My children have always given with an open heart that is what has always made me happy

  3. Great ideas! Happy TILT!
    105olivia at gmail dot com