Saving the world one Napkin at a time

Napkins are not exactly a huge expense at our house.
But since we started using cloth napkins about a year ago, we have saved even more.
I found whole box of napkins a yard sale. They only wanted $.10 a piece for them, so I bought the whole box. I sorted out the napkins by color, since they weren't really in sets. And I put the more fallish colors in a box with our fall stuff, Christmas colors, etc.
We have come to where we like the blue, pink, yellow, and green ones the best. They match our vinyl fish table cloth, and everyone gets their own color. We have two of each color, except for blue. We have like ten of the blue, which is handy, because My Pet uses the blue ones, and he needs more than everyone else.
Let me tell you about all of the benefits of using the cloth napkins:
  • We don't have to buy more. Saves money, time, and we don't run out.
  • We can use as many as we want. We don't have to worry about conserving.
  • We just throw them in the wash. Since I do a load of towels, etc. every week anyway, we just throw these in, and they don't take up more laundry space.
  • They clean up great. One napkin can usually take care of most spills, no extra napkins, paper towels or rags needed.
  • We can use them more than once (if this grosses you out, then skip to the next part) but for many meals, a napkin is just needed for touch up. You can easily fold it the other way, and it is good as new. And since we each use a different color, we don't have to worry about cross contamination.
  • They are cute. We don't have to decide between cheap or cute. Ours are both.
  • We aren't living a disposable life. The more I can teach my kids that we don't just buy stuff just to throw it away, the better.
  • Hubby said just last night, "these are one of the finer things." I thought he was talking about the cheese enchiladas I had made, but no. He was talking about the napkins. Apparently he thinks they are classy.

So now that I have taught my kids how to fold them, they are the easiest switch we have made in saving money and being green.

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And now.....

For our 28 days of Give Aways...

A set of new cloth napkins! (set of four + 1 that is just slightly a different color) Just leave me a comment to be entered to win. For more entries, you can become a follower, or a subscriber, each would give you another entry. Leave me a comment, so I know. This Give Away will be open until Sunday, when I announce the winners.

Sorry for no pictures, but that computer has been having virus troubles.


  1. We have been using clothe napkins for 20+ years. They are wonderful!

  2. I would love to win these! I have some that my mother made, but I could always use a few more. Yay!

  3. We're cloth napkin users, too. I just finished the roll of paper towels that I brought when we moved 3 1/2 years ago. :)

    I made some cloth napkins in sewing class last fall. A hemming foot makes them come together super fast and easy.

  4. We always used cloth napkins growing up. My mom would by wild sheets on sale and sew matching napkin and tablecloths. Good memories.

  5. We've been using cloth napkins for about 10 years, but since we have 3 kids, finding a set with 5 is a little more difficult. I often buy tea towels and use those for just us meals. Love them! My kids don't know anything else. In fact, when they are at other people's hosues they seem surprised that they use napkins of paper. - Kathy @ skrkdale@yahoo.com

  6. We have used cloth napkins for I guess about 6 years? None of them match - each other, or the tablecloth :)

  7. we use and love cloth, too. drives my inlaws crazy when they visit;)

  8. I need to invest in more cloth napkins. We have a set of four and a couple extras, but that doesn't get us very far!

  9. I'd like to give these a try!

  10. hmmmm, interesting! May take a little getting used to.

  11. I keep trying to talk my hubby into this because he is a RIDICULOUS paper towel abuser. He won't go for it. I should make the switch and force him to go along. I hate how many paper towels we use!!