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Things I Love Thursdays


There are so many things I love but this week has to go to Snappis. From a recent yard sale deal of the week, I acquired a large collection of cloth diapers for only three bucks. Always up for a challenge, I decided to try my hand at cloth diapering. After 3 kids, with plans to eventually have a fourth, you would have thought that I would have tried this with the first one, but in my journey to momliness, I wasn't there yet.

Well, I have been clothing it off and on for over two weeks now, and the more I do it, the more I do it. I started with just one cloth diaper a day (times 2 kids). I figured that it was saving about $.25 every time I used a cloth diaper, plus it was one less in the landfill.

They have these great Velcro diapers these days, and soft diaper covers. Unfortunately, they are quite pricey, even used on eBay. But everybody has the prefolded cloth diapers. I can easily pick them up from friends or yard sales for like 10 or 25 cents each. Most people just used them for burp cloths and such.

The problem is the dumb diaper pins. I was always leaving them open on the floor, they were hard to push in, and I couldn't get a snug fit. Then I found the snappi.

I love that it is such a simple design, keeps the diapers snug, is easy to use and quite cheap. But how does it help me teach my kids about money?

I want my kids to see that disposable things almost always end up costing more money. That convenience is not cheaper. However, ingenuity can take a classic product, like diaper pins, and make a modern counterpart, like the Snappis, and this is what moves our economy.

I have not been paid for this, I just say it like it is.
Do you have any tips for me, a newto-the-cloth-diapering-world mom?


  1. hey staci! thanks for visiting and commenting. these snappis look really cool, how do they work?

    (I have been known to use the occasional prefold when I am out in public sans diaper, or just out!)

  2. Snappi is one thing I haven't tried yet with cloth diapers.

    Check out Theclothdiaperwhisperer.com for a weekly cloth diaper giveaway. A lot of the diaper manufacturers have blogs with giveaways too.