Shopping with a Calculator, Part I

The next time you go shopping, especially to the market, take a calculator with you. This is an easy idea that can be adapted for many ages. Even if you never use it, it can be fun for your kids to play with while you shop. But here are some ideas that you can try that will get kids involved in the learning process:

They Can Watch You

This is always a great way for kids to learn. Here are some things that they can see you do:

1. figuring out the best price (some stores have this on their tag, but not always)

2. figuring out how much you need

3. figuring out the sale price

4. figuring the serving size or how many are in a package

Here are some examples:

1. The Yoplait yogurt is on sale for $.50 cents each, but the Dannon is also on sale for 10 for $5.00 which is the better price?

2. You have a family of four, you each eat 2 hot dogs how many buns will you need?

3. The applesauce is 30% off of $1.89- what is the actual cost?

4. You have to buy cookies for your class of 20, there are 15 cookies in each package, how many packages do you need so everyone can have 2 cookies?

5. Is there are a value pack?

Many of these things you could probably do the simple math in your head, but talking it through as you do it on the calculator helps kids of all ages understand the process, even if they can't do the math.

The idea is to take the normal things that you do every day (or week) and turn them into learning or teachable moments. Because the truth is, Kids are ALWAYS learning. This way you are being conscience of what it is you are teaching them.

Stay tuned next time for more shopping ideas with a calculator.

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