Graduating Debt Free can be Life Changing

This is a highlight of a post original published at Good Financial Cents. Click the link to get the full article that I guest authored for Jeff.

Recently I ran into a former student who was at the market with her mom. We were trying to do the two minute catch-up, when her mom mentioned that she had recently gotten her SAT scores back and she was likely going to be a National Merit Scholar. The girl got a bit embarrassed by mom bragging and tried to brush it off. That is when I stopped her to say, “Graduating debt free can be life changing.”

You see, I married a National Merit Scholar, and between generous parents, multiple scholarships and working, we both graduated from college debt free. Our lives have been different from day one.

Choose a job for the fun of it

Choose a job based on location

Choose a job based on your belief in the mission

Save money for down payments

Choose where to live based on Family priorities

Be out of debt faster

Live on less

It’s amazing the choices you are able to make when the decisions are not ruled by interest rates or payment schedules.

I would really love for you to read the complete story over at Good Financial Cents. Maybe someday I will have a chance to share it here.

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